Wacker Neuson Paving Mat Kit For VP1030A 300mm Compaction Plate

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Upgrade your VP1030A 300mm compaction plate with the Wacker Neuson Paving Mat Kit. This kit is designed to fit the VP1030A model, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance.

The paving mat kit is easy to install and includes all the necessary components to get started. It features durable and high-quality materials that can handle rough terrain and heavy use, making it ideal for paving applications.

The paving mat kit enables you to easily achieve clean and professional terminations at curbs, due to the angular side profile of the base plate. Additionally, it minimizes the risk of leaving marks or damage to fresh asphalt, ensuring a clean and high-quality finish.

The Wacker Neuson Paving Mat Kit is a must-have accessory for anyone who needs to achieve a clean and professional finish on their paving projects. Order now and take advantage of this innovative and practical solution to upgrade your VP1030A 300mm compaction plate!

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