Wacker Neuson BFS1345A Floor Saw 450mm/18inch diameter

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KEY FEATURE: Low Vibration HAVS - 4.9 m/s2

The Wacker Neuson floor saws offer a cutting performance second to none in this class of machines. The torque transmitted to the diamond blade and the center of gravity located directly over the cutting shaft have been matched so efficiently, that the majority of the engine's power output goes there where it is needed: into the asphalt or the concrete. These two features result in cuts up to 20 per cent faster than comparable products.

Description Data
Engine model Wacker Neuson G420F
Engine type Loncin Air-cooled, single cylinder, 4-cycle gasoline engine
Span width max 12.0 mm
Cutting depth max 17.0 cm
Circum. speed; Wheel 350mm 40.3 m/s
Operating speed cutting wheel 2,200.0 1/min
Length direction wheel raised 860.0 mm
Width 575.0 mm
Height on trailer 1,010.0 mm
Weight 93.00 kg
Cutting wheel diameter min 350 mm
Cutting wheel diamter max 450 mm
Mounting hole of wheel 25.400 mm
Effective power 8.7 KW
Nominal engine speed 3,600.0 1/min
Water tank capacity 32.0 l
Storage temperature range -30 - 50 °C
Operating temperature range -15 - 40 °C
Sound level LpA 89.0 dB (A)
Sound power LWA, measured 105.0 dB (A)
Sound power LWA, guaranteed 107.0 dB (A)
Transmission KRR
Breaker Switch On/Off Yes
Sound level LpA (Standard) DIN EN 13862
Sound power LWA (Standard) DIN EN 13862
Vibration value (Standard) DIN EN 13862
Circum. speed; Wheel 400mm 46.1 m/s
Vibration total value ahv 4.9 m/s2
Uncertainty in measurement HAV 1.5 m/s2
Circum. speed; Wheel 450mm 51.8 m/s
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