Wacker Neuson BS 50-2 Trench Rammer 280mm/11Inch

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Enhance your construction efficiency with the Wacker Neuson BS 50-2 Trench Rammer – a powerful 2-stroke engine tool designed for optimal soil compaction. Featuring customisable carburettor settings, a single-lever control system, and a compact 280mm padfoot design, this rammer delivers efficient performance, quick starting, and easy operation. With advanced thermal management, high impact force, and a 4-stage air cleaner system, the BS 50-2 ensures reliability in various working conditions. Elevate your compaction projects with this durable and portable solution, weighing only 59kg for effortless manoeuvrability on the job.

  • dot Enjoy optimised starting and operating performance with the Wacker Neuson BS 50-2 Trench Rammer, reducing downtime and enhancing overall productivity on the job.
  • dot With advanced thermal management, this rammer allows for extended usage without overheating, ensuring consistent performance across diverse working conditions.
  • dotTailor the machine's performance to different soil types with individual carburettor settings, optimising efficiency for specific compaction requirements.
  • dotThe BS 50-2 is powered by a robust 2-stroke engine, delivering high torque and power, making it a reliable choice for demanding construction environments.
  • dotSimplify operation with a single lever control system for starting, idling, and stopping, enhancing user convenience and reducing the learning curve for operators.
  • dotBenefit from a large stroke and high impact force, ensuring thorough compaction with each tamper and minimising the number of passes required.
  • dotBoasting a fast travel speed, the BS 50-2 enables efficient movement across work areas, contributing to increased productivity for projects that demand swift and effective compaction.
  • dotThe 4-stage air cleaner system protects the engine against contaminants, ensuring longevity and reliability in diverse working environments.

Technical Data


Metric Value
Oil volume 0,700 l
Oil specification SAE 10W-40
Tank capacity 2,90 l


Metric Value
Fuel management Carburettor
Engine operating mode Two-stroke
Cooling Air cooling
Exhaust-gas limit EU Stage V, EPA TIER II
Oil specification JASO FD, JASO FC, ISO-L-EGD, ISO-L-EGC
Operating Engine speed 4.250 1/min
Fuel consumption 0,90 L/Std, 1,00 L/Std 0,73 kg/h
Idling speed 2.000 1/min
Starter type Recoil starter
Operating power 1,8 kW, 1,7 kW
Engine type Gasoline engine
Cylinder 1
Engine Manufacturer Wacker Neuson
Standard (Operating power) ISO 3046-1
Cylinder capacity 80 cm3
Standard (Effective power) ISO 3046-1
Nominal Engine speed 4.400 1/min
Electrode distance 0,50 - 0,80 mm
Spark plug(s) Champion RL86C
Fuel type Two-stroke mixture, Alkylate fuel/Oil mixture
Effective power 1,8 kW, 2,0 kW
Fuel mix ratio 1:50, 1:100
Engine Designation WM80


Metric Value
Forward running 9,50 m/min
Power of impact 16 kN
Number of blows 687 1/min


Metric Value
Display Equipment Operating hours counter
Operating elements Pushbutton OFF


Metric Value
Operating weight 59,0 kg
Length 673 mm
Length Ramming Shoe 340 mm
Height 940 mm
Width Ramming Shoe 280 mm
Width 343 mm
Weight 59,00 kg
Stroke at tamper 64 mm
Specifications may change due to continuous product development. *Actual power output may vary due to conditions of specific use.
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